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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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started. i will see you with news updates and more on this breaking news story about the collision of these two u.s. navy vessels. no, jrno injuries but we will e more details on that right in the middle of huckabee which starts give me is seven. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. tonight on huckabee. >> how thin does the ice have to get before someone falls through? >> officials in charge of protecting our embassy in libya asking for more security. >> it was abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. >> we were fighting a losing battle. >> congressman patrick eman on the administration failure to protect americans in hostile territory. >> and. >> we did not know they wanted more security. >> why didn't joe snow and what did he think was so funny at thursday's debate? [ laughter ] >> plus, former house speaker
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newt gingrich with his take on the vice presidential showdown and what he expects from obama versus romney round two. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to it huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. just days after the uprising at the egyptian embassy and terrorist attack in benghazi in which four americans including an ambassador were murdered, i looked you in the eye and said your government lied to you. the reaction from the left was swift and brutal. accusing me of playing loose with the facts and of politicizing a a tragedy. i said then and i continue to say our government has lied to us and has engaged in a systematic and deliberate coverup. while i do have friends in the intelligence community and military it wasn't those
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relationships that gave that thought to me. that just confirmed what was obvious to everyone. well, everyone except the obama administration which continued to embare ras itself by trotting out people to maybe the ridiculous assert, that the attacks were some spontaneous reaction to a poorly made 13 minute video about muhammad. this past week congressional hearings with witnesses under oath established there was is no mob in benghazi. it was a carefullily planned and executed terrorist attack and that our personal in libya had repeatedly begged pore more security and reported more than 230 specific security issues. the ambassador himself requested more security. those pleas were ignored. we have a clear picture of what happened but we still don't know why. was there such a dogged determination to prove that al-qaeda and the taliban was no longer a threat that we would even risk the security of our own people with fingers crossed
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hoping that nothing would happen? well, one person who clearly understands the ongoing threat is laura logan the courageous veteran cbs reporter who was savegely attacked by a mob of egypt thugs during the so called arab be spring uprising. speaking this past week in chicago she had this to say. >> i knew that we were being lied to and i knew that the american people were being misled and when it comes to issues that i care about like issues of national security i don't think that politics should dictate your national security policy. and i don't know a journalist that likes being lied to. >> well, she said the idea that the new crop are moderate kinder gentler, that kind of taliban she said it is nonsense pushed by taliban afollo apolls and warnd that our leaders are being arrogant and not listening to what our enemies
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say. she said she hopes america with exact revenge for the deaths of our people in the libyan consulate. lara logan's comments are not partisan or political. they are based on a professional observation and her percent until experience. the reason that this is of vital importance is because if our government will lie to us about benghazi, they will lie to us about anything and everything. if the political consequences to this administration are more important than the personal consequences to you and your family then we have to believe that this election is not just a choice between democrats and republicans it is a choice between an america that is owned by the people and served by the politicians. or one that is owned by the government the who desire to be served by the people. that is the choice. [ applause ]
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>> mike: this week state department officials in libya gave astonishing testimony before congress that they needed more security, asked the state department for it and denied. this is eric nordstrom, testifying about a phone call that he had with a regional director. >> i asked for 12 agents. his response to that was you are asking for the sun, moon and the stars. and my response to him, his name is jim. i said jim you know what makes it most frustrating about this assignment. it is not the hardships, not the gun fire, not the threats, it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. and i added it by saying for me the taliban is on the inside of of the building. >> amazing words. pennsylvania congressman and former federal prosecutor patrick eman i meehan is on the oversight committee and was asking questions at the hearing
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and joins us now. congressman, thanks for being with us today. >> nice to be with you, governor. >> mike: when you were in the hearings i know you there were as a congressman but you had years of distinguished service record as a federal prosecutor. you are used to interrogating people. what is your assessment of how high up this whole information chain goes? >> well, it goes very high. to the highest levels of the state department. what you you have a the unusual circumstance in which you have a strong misrepresentations on both sides of an incident. on the front end whether or not they were aware about the dire situation and unsafety in libya and benghazi in particular. and there was clear and uncontroverted testimony that not only were they aware, the reports were going up and they were being told effectively to
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stifle stem, don't request for more security because you are not going to get it. on the back end the gross misrepresentations in the aftermath about what was is actually happening and as people know the suggestion that it was initiated by a video when in fact there was not even a demonstration was factually determined in front of the embassy. so or in front of the consulate. we have gross misrepresentations on both ends but governor what really concerns me is the lack of accountability here are. what you are beginning to see is finger pointing as if it is, you know, somebody else's responsibility and the failure for those in washington to listen to those on the ground who really know what is going on and being responsive to their clues instead of telling them what is going on from washington. it is kind of a paradigm for a lot of other things going on in the government today. >> mike: the vice president said that neither he nor the president knew anything about the intelligence reports indicating a a request for more security. some of us find it hard to
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believe. maybe they didn't read the security briefings because we know they didn't attend at about 40% of the meetings. other people in the administration downstream including secretary of state hillary clinton did know that she is responsible for not passing it on. my question is do you plan to bring the secretary of state before the committee, put her under oath and ask what did she know and when did she know it? >> well, there is certainly a clear interest in getting to exactly that point because what you are seeing is thece communw being laid out to dry as if somehow they are the ones who are responsible when in fact there was clear information that at least would have had a prudent person second guess whether we would be able to rely exclusively on the fact that this was driven by a video. so the idea that they could still be five days later having a u.n. ambassador out on the national tv programs claiming the video was the poety
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visiting factor are -- motivating factor when long before that there was strong indications and the conclusions as you heard the testimony that day from a chief person at the state department who said within 24 hours t was h his conclusion that it was a terrorist dominated issue. so who is talking to the state department? and the real lack of accountability as if somehow you can sit up in this ivory tower and have no responsibility for what goes on below you. and the misrepresentation which i consider to be a gross misrepresentation by the vice president that they didn't know anything about requests again sort of if you close your ears that somehow you are not accountable and i just do not buy it. >> mike: assuming that the president and vice president did not know about the security requests because there are consulates all over the word and embassies all over the world. i understand there would be thousands literally of reports that might bubble up but after the event it seems is inconceivable that the president of the united states
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was unaware of the facts that were obvious to the intelligence community. how could he have not known and if he didn't know, who kept that information from him? >> governor, that is the duty of inquiry. you ran a government. you understand and i think particularly where there is notice and now you should be getting real time reports from that -- that give accurate and actual information. this is the same paradigm we are seeing i fast and furious e the response is well, we didn't know anything about it. and you can't be able to be held unaccountable because you choose not to listen to those who have information to bring to you. and i'm being kind when i say choose not to listen. i think there is a duty of inquire arery. there is a duty of responsibility when something that significant that had to be one of the most important things the federal government was is responding to at that moment and for them to say that they aren't aware of the circumstances suggests one of
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two things. either incompetentence or are misrepresentation. >> mike: i appreciate your being here and i appreciate your service on the committee. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, governor. always great to be with you. >> mike: with the election just over three weeks away, will benghazi gate have an impact on the presidential race? newt gingrich will answer that when we come back. stay with us. bob...
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namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else mes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> mike: my next guest is a very distinguished republican member of congress who was the speaker of the house. he understands how these congressional investigations go. and i'm anxious to get his perspective on that and many other things and that is why he is here. please welcome former house
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speaker newt gingrich. [ applause ] >> mike: i want to get to the heart of this investigation that is going on in congress. how plausible is it that the president of the united states was unaware of requests for security in one of the hottest places on our diplomatic map, libya? >> well, let me say, first of all, that i think it is very plausible that this president didn't know anything before the attack because he had been skipping 60% of h his briefings. so it strikes me as very, very likely that obama didn't have a clue. and that biden didn't have a clue. it. it is inconceivable within 48 hours they didn't know what was going on. clearly they had sent a signal, the state department put in four stations for volts at
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embassies in europe. if the state department can find money to send marines to islands in the caribbean where they are premarely guarding i assume against drunk vacationers on a friday night but they couldn't find any money for benghazi, i think it is because obama had this fantasy having killed bin laden he could claim they have defeated al-qaeda and therefore he didn't want to deal with. he has consciously avoided being honest about the level of the threat. i thought the line that the cbs correspondent had earlier, that is a tremendously powerful opening for the show. >> mike: yes, it is. >> and i thought the segment with her and with congressman meehan is an amazing capture of where we are and it was repeated by the state department official who testified and he said the taliban in his mind is inside the government. she used the phrase taliban apologists.
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i think it is dedicated to a believe that islam can never be wrong and there is always an excuse. somehow always somebody in the west who did something bad and therefore it is always a surprise to them when something bad happens. meanwhile in the real world there are radicals who hate us. they get up every morning trying to figure out how to kill us. there was a signal sent on the 10th of september by a leading al-qaeda figure who said the americans recently killed a key libyan leader why don't you get even on the 11th. the nsa picked it up. nothing was said about it. the ambassador we know from his diaries was worried about death threats and asked for security. we now know on the record they were asking for security. what bothers me and this the only thing. i don't want to use a watergate like and don't want to talk about benghazi gate for this reason, it trivializes. it four americans were killed. imagine the terror of those five hours. this is a five hour attack. had we been prepared with rapid
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reaction forces the ambassador would be alive today. had we been prepared by sending in marines beforehand the ambassador are would be alive today. this is much worse than water gate. nobody died at watergate and i think that it is inconceivable that the vice president of the united states would go on a national debate as he did the other night and willfully and deliberately lie to the american people and that is what he did. he knows better by now. there is no excuse now. 32 days later, there is no excuse and joe biden went out of his way to lie to the american people and i think it is dishonorable and a threat to the very capacity to have self-government when your leading officials lie to you like that. >> mike: mr. speaker the other side says we are trying to politicize this close to an election and this is desperate existences politics and if it weren't an election year we wouldn't be as interested in it. i take hombrage with that.
5:19 pm
if they claimed after the event this wasn't a terrorist attack and took them weeks to come to the conclusion, would like to believe with all my heart i would be just as outraged. i think this election is an incredibly important moment to determine do we want our government to continue to engainl in this type of activity where they just won't level with us. >> i would say to the liberal apologists tell if to the families of the four people killed. explain to them why it is okay to lie about the death of their loved ones. i think it is -- just tells you how sick the system has gotten that anything to protect obama is okay no matter how dishonorable. and you saw it again with the vice president the other night when lied about the war on religion and the attack on catholic hospitals and things where he just -- he was just totally false in what he was saying. it is an embarrassment to have the vice president of the united states be that
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deliberately dishonest with the american people. >> mike: i want you to stay with me and we will have more with newt gingrich with he we come back and we will be joined by his wife calista. we have some interesting things to tell you about when we return. stay with us. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank
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>> mike: we are back with former house speaker newt gingrich. we are now joined by his wife calista. she has written a new children's book called land of the pilgrim's pride. i want to talk about the book in a moment but first you guys have experienced what i think mitt romney and paul ryan are experiencing in a profound way and that is that the media can i say it charitably they don't always play is completely even.
5:24 pm
would that be a fair assessment? >> absolutely. >> mike: you experienced it and have seen it. how do you confront that and what do you do when you know the media has cooked the store arery to make you look bad and the other side look good? >> happens all the time. keep your focus on the positive. you know the message that needs to be conveyed and you need to just stay the course. >> mike: mr. speaker do you think the debate was a game changer either way for ryan or for biden the other night as the first one i think we all agree was? >> i think there was a difference. the first one an aggressive effective romney and obama didn't show up. it was as though it was one of his national security briefings. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> callista and i talked about it before hand and made the point if romney was as effective there as he was with me, he would be fine. nobody could have predicted the
5:25 pm
empty suit that was exhausted and incompetent he that obama was. was a different event. i think the biggest thing and callista has known paul since he has come to washington. here s a guy who was two years old when biden was elected to the u.s. senate. he spent 90 minutes as his equal and i think there is no question that paul ryan comes out of there as a bigger person than the guy who walked in that room and in addition, i think biden lied so much and was so weird i mean it was sort of a -- [ laughter ] >> it was the vice president as bozo the clown. so i think -- [ applause ] >> if you watch what is happening now, the things that biden said that were false are just to their credit this time the media is not letting go of this story i think. >> mike: and callista you you have written a children's book and it seems to be needed now to sort of help young americans
5:26 pm
understand something of their history. if politicians aren't telling us the truth in our school textbooks and recent textbooks show there is almost a process to get rid of all of the early history of the united states and act as if there was and the revolutionary war and wasn't even a civil war yew you have written a back to help kids understand who they are as americans. >> that's right. >> mike: why is that important? >> so important that our children understand who we are as americans and in my new book ellis the elephant discovers how our nation began as he learns about the 13 original colonies and the period of colonial america is vitally important. it is the period in which our characteristics and traits were shaped and when we became american and our kids need know >> mike: what do kids not know about american exceptionalism that is the overriding thing that they grow up with a different perspective of the country than they need to have. >> and our kids really need to know why we are such a special
5:27 pm
nation. if you look at recent surveys it is rather frightening. a survey that i looked at said that a majority of fourth graders couldn't identify jamestown as the first english settlement. host don't know why the pilgrims came from england and less than a third of all 8th graders can explain why the colonies fought england. so we have a whole lot of work to do and we owe it to our kids to give them the tools to learn what it means to be american. >> mike: i think it is a wonderful opportunity for families to sit down with their kids and read a book to them and help them learn american history. by the way, all of the members of the studio audience will be getting a copy of callista's new children's book. thank you very much for writing the book and for being here today. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: mr. speaker, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> mike: the administration knew the benghazi embassy attack was the work of terrorists and they kept on blaming it on a video. now, president obama's reelection seem says the only
5:28 pm
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very cold front stretching from texas up to the great lakes region. severe rain, windstorms is already hitting parts of kansas and stretching down through oklahoma and texas. tornado warnings in effect in fact in kansas. keep it here on fox. if you would like to comment on tonight's show e-mail us @ huckmail @ fox news .com. >> the obama administration has been under fire for a coverup of the benghazi terrorist attacks but this week the deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter has been making the rounds trying to deflect the heat by accusing the romney-ryan ticket of exploiting the issue for political gain. we will kick off this week's quotes with her comments on special report with bret baier. >> i was asked why it became such a politic cal circus and who was the first person to respond to the libya attacks it was mitt romney and he was criticized for the response
5:33 pm
because it was political and was asked to apologize by national news organizations and continue ited to attack the president on the response to libya. >> wait a second. >> it is absolutely beyond come prementiocomprehension that a n with a straight face could get on a national news program attempt to say that the reason for all of the interest in benghazi and egypt and the uprisings that resulted in the deaths of four americans is is all because mitt romney brought attention to it. my thought, ms. cutter is this. if mitt romney is that powerful, then there is no doubt that he should be the president of the united states of america. las vegas casino owner steve winn who described himself as a democrat in the past said he has had enough of the president's attempts to vilify the rich. >> i will be damned if i want have him lecture me about small business and jobs. i'm job creator and guys like me are job creators and we
5:34 pm
don't like having a bulls eye painted on our back. the president has tried to put himself between me and my ememployees. >> how. >> by class war fare and calling a group that makes money billionaires and millionaires that don't pay their share. i gave 120% of my salary and bonus away last year to charities. as i do most years. i can't stand the idea of being dem ma goinged and put down by a president who doesn't even understand how the economy works. >> mike: what do you add to that? it is pretty blunt. what steve wynn is saying that i heard so many business owners say. the recentment is not just being denigrated by the president but the fact that he doesn't seem to understand how jobs get created in the first place. not by some government grant or stimulus program but people who have the guts to take the risk to start a business often taking every dime of their
5:35 pm
personal save is, mortgaging their house and putting everything they ever owned and hoped to own on the line to create a business and if it fails ungle sugar is not there to bail them out and make it somehow feel better. they have to suck it up and start all over again. and some of them, not many but some of them end up being dog gone successful and pay taxes through the kazoo all their whole life and then to have created jobs to have put people to work to have every week sweated out whether they will have enough money to meet the payroll and then have the president of the united states act like they are criminal because they are not even paying more in taxes when most of the people that the president din an denigrates thy to pay that 10% of the population pay over 50% of the tax burden in the country. i can understand why he is unhappy and why a lot of business people are telling employees if you want to keep your job you need to hope the president doesn't keep his. but if you are determined that
5:36 pm
he has got to keep his you better be prepared to lose yours. the biggest headline of the week came out of thursday's vice presidential debate. not so much what the candidates said but about joe biden's antics. throughout the debate the vice president continuously smiled and laughed. he even laughed on real serious matters like iran's nuclear threat. >> i don't glow he. >> thank heavens we have the sanctions in place. it is in spite of their opposition. >> oh, gosh. >> they have given 20 waivers to the sanction and all i have to point to are the results. they are four years closer toward a nuclear weapon. i will think that case speaks for itself. >> mike: i think if i had been paul ryan i would have stopped in mid sen temperature. sentence and let silence bring the entire room including joe biden if possible to silence and then i would have turned to him and said mr. vice president apparently the rest of us aren't in on what is so
5:37 pm
funny on iran getting a nuclear weapon. while you are laughing and smiling and thinking this a a great, great moment to laugh at let me assure you there are husbands and wives talking their children in to bed in israel who are wondering if they will be vaporized if iran gets a nuclear device and i assure you they are not laughing tonight. please tell us what is so dog gone funny. if the obama biden team doesn't win a second term i am convinced the vice president gave himself a great audition to land himself another job. >> mike: there is always room for joyceover work, mr. vice president and hopefully you will be able to find that work come january. president obama saw his poll numbers is plummet after his first debate. joe biden, did his performance
5:38 pm
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each week day hear my daily commentary the huckabee report and the mike huckabee show on radio. details at mikehuckabee .com. >> president obama's is poll numbers have been free falling since the first debate. well, did joe biden's performance help or hurt the campaign? joining me to talk about it former democratic pollster to
5:42 pm
six presidential campaigns and a fox news contributor and president of the polling company kelly ann conway. good to have both of you you here. >> thank you. >> pat, do you think that the demeanor of joe biden, the nearing and laughing and indifference how does that resonate with voters or it doesn't? >> the vice presidential debates don't matter what happen in the campaigns. if it did we would have hat vice president benson. remember that debate. remember jack kennedy. it as place to put issues up. what biden is trying to do is energize the base. i thought for most of the debate he made points. the problem was the demeanor and style. then things like you were dealing with. 82 interruptions. it is clear from the polling that we saw from cnn that particular groups of people were not pleased with his demeanor. the most important ones to the democrats and right now for romney, women, young people and
5:43 pm
with two of the and independents. three groups who were put off by it. i thought ryan missed some opportunities. but it was h his first debate. i thought he could have put biden on his heels on the first benghazi answer. but he didn't. but he had a sold debate and did what he needed to do. biden excited his base but i'm not sure he extended beyond that. >> kelly ann you have said that both biden and obama played into stereo types in the debates. describe what you meaney. >> stereo types for politicians and for male politicians. you don't need a pollster to tell you that women don't like two kinds of men. one is what obama showed which it disinterested and disengaged and would rather be some where else and not particularly interested in the conversation you are having. >> men don't behivelike that, do they. >> let's just say when they do we don't go on the second date.
5:44 pm
and vice president biden being snarky and the painted on joker smile from batman. and if you turn the tv -- turn the volume down, joe biden was very alieniating to many of america's women who are disproportionately the undecided voters left to persuade. the undecideds are important for one reason. so many more ads women particularly were turning on tv in the comfort of the living room or laptops having the one on one opportunity with the four candidates and encountered a mitt romney that they were not expecting. and they saw a barack obama that they had not known existed. the second reason these debates are so important is because that people were told for three straight weeks the race was over. and i think the irony of the really full-time campaigning for the mainstream media on behalf of obama has come backlm
5:45 pm
because they were told for three weeks the race is over. the debate performances for romney mattered that much more because it completely blew away the expectations that the race was over. >> if he had not done well in that debate, they may well have been the self-fulfilling prophecy. i described it in an argument as the media doing negative campaigning through polls. all of news organizations that are broke spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to poll results showing that romney can't win and suddenly how silent they have been. very slow on the uptake since the first debate just as a matter of coincidence. >> mike: do you think that the town hall format is going to favor obama more so than mitt romney which is the next debate this coming week? >> not really. it may favor him more that he got his clock cleaned in the first debate. i don't think you learn how to debate in the space of the week and rid your vocabulary of ah
5:46 pm
and uhs. they were given the two minute closing statement and you know governor will you are appealing to voters in arkansas or talking on tv or in the forensic debating team in high school and asking the boss for a raise when you two minutes you practice the tone and con at any time and intonation. jim hai lehrer said mr. presid, your two minutes and he looked up and said uh. it may be better for barack obama. i still think he is lacking that moxie and joy on the job that people assume. in the space of a week governor people turned on two debates and saw a president who couldn't look up and a vice president who wouldn't shut up. >> thank you both for being here. great to have you. >> mike: a stage four breast cancer patient and leading voice in the search for a cure says cancer research is suffering under the president's policy is. she joins me next.
5:47 pm
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>> mike: my next guest has been living with breast cancer for 11 years and is undergo chemotherapy for the sixth time and the founder of noreen fraser foundation for cancer research. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. >> great to have you. >> thank you. >> see is the wife of the show's executive producer woody fraser. good too have you back. we were talking about the ongoing battle that you experienced and i can't imagines of the fight. six times through chemotherapy. what is next? >> have you notice my new hair?
5:51 pm
>> mike: i have and it looks terrific. >> i'm happy to not be wearing a scarf and i could never get the wigs to stop itching. as short as it it is i'm happy to have it. i have been fortunate and i have been unfortunate in that the last really in the last two years i have done most of my chemo and they haven't worked. they will work for a short time and then they don't work and then i have to go to another one and another one and another one and you get your hopes up and then you just get slammed back. and so then you have to just say okay i will try the next one. so right now doing something they have done, i hadn't heard about before but now they will put me on a male who ar male hh seems odd but my breast cancer is estrogen positive and estrogen causes my breast cancer to grow. so your body even if you take
5:52 pm
the ovaries out the you still have estrogen that sept through. the male hormone is snow and iced to stop that from happening. >> cancer are is a rollercoaster experience for your body and your soul. >> it is. >> you have been on a different kind of rollercoaster with funding for the foundation. because of all of the changes in health policy have really made an impact and i don't think most people understand. explain what has happened with the funding stream to foundations like yours. >> those who depend on individuals who aren't big enough like your susa sue kom. in's that get all of the funding from corporate. the individual giving is down 15% since 2009 for the small organizations. >> mike: this is the economy? >> absolutely it is the economy and they are are saying that it is not going to recover.
5:53 pm
the charities will be the last to recover and that may happen around some where between 2016 and 2020. you have to if you want to survive come up with other ways to think of making money and -- >> mike: you wanted to tell me about the bracelets. they have to be here for a reason. >> they are here for a reason. and stella and dodd is a remarkable company. jessica herron started the company and it it is -- i don't know if the audience knows but it is kind of the tupperware of jewelry. women can still out of their homes and still be home with their kids. they came to us and said we want to do a bracelet and have you name it and make some other items for the month of october that you will get the proceeds for and i'm wearing the one. this is so beautiful i think. what i love most about it, it
5:54 pm
is not pink. i have had it. i have had it up up to hear with pink. >> i will get rid of my tie. off we go. >> this is rose gold. and they he put -- they made it with a feather and they asked me to name it and i named it the hope bracelet because as i was growing up my mother always -- mom always has these catch phrases. my mom's was whether there is life there is hope. >> mike: when people purchase these proceeds from these go to help the foundation to h help cancer research. >> exactly. >> mike: so that there will be different types of chemotherapy that won't make people sick. >> not even that. this is the goal. this is what is happening and it will be out in a year and a half. my foundation has put a lot of money into this and made it happen. when i got cancer what i was -- what i have been working for is a drug that will replace chemo that will work and be nontoxic. so that would be the goal.
5:55 pm
and it would be a drug that you could live with. it would be able to manage your cancer and you you wouldn't die from it. this money that we put in at ucla. they came up with a drug like that. went through phase 1 trial. went through phase 2 trial. it has gang busters doing great. all these -- it is working for all these women. so i'm not allowed to tell the name of the pharmaceutical company but they took our 1 million and turned it into a commitment of 10 190 million. >> mike: wonderful. i hope that our people will go to the website. it is on the screen and find out how to become part of the effort because there is so many people. every family has been touched. every family has been touched. >> they have been touched. >> mike: no exceptions. and if there is ways to help with the research to find cures and better ways to help people through the process, it would be a wonderful gift to millions of americans. thank you. >> thank you very much,
5:56 pm
governor. >> mike: always a joy to see you and your courage is amazing and inspiring. thank you, noreen. >> mike: before we go tonight, a personal word. last week matt turner the news anchor at little rock's kthb channel 11 which is the local cbs affiliate in little rock was killed in a car accident just south of little rock. matt was just 32 years old. he had a wife and an 11 month old child. his father gary was a close friend of mine since the time that we were in college together. he died of leukemia 7 years ago. and just as gary and i were classmates in our beloved alma mater in arkansas, matt and his wife julie were classmates of both my daughter and daughter in law a generation later. matt was beloved by his family and friends, admired by peers and respected by those he covered and interviewed including me. my prayers go forth to matt's
5:57 pm
family. a website to offer your support to his family is at matt and julie turner.blogis spot .com. i hope you will visit. imfrom new york, i'm mike huckabee. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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